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Our Vision

In a successful company, to have "visions" does not imply that the operation is going to change in future. It just proves that the directors on the bridge are giving the company space to develop in the right direction.

What are the existing and future guidelines we want to maintain?
In future we will also bring global demand and supply for speciality feed ingredients together under our policy as a fair commercial partner.
We will offer the feed industry continuously a wide range of raw material specialities for the entire range of animal species.
One of the most important premises for our success are motivated and engaged employees, who work with us for many years already and who will meet the customers requirements with emphasis and engagement.
Another one is our quality management system, in which we invested already 4 years of continuous development.
What are the new developments we want to realise for the future?
EURODUNA will increase its importance on the German and International markets.
Our product range for the pet food, fur animal and aquaculture industry will be enlarged further.
EURODUNA will intensify the search for new feed solutions all over the world.
Matching the concentration process. EURODUNA will react and will propose continuously economical alternatives to the feed industry for the ingredients that are becoming expensive or short.
EURODUNA will increase its effort to serve the feed industry with background information to increase the transparency of the raw material markets.
Our products are preferred over other alternatives because of our competent quality management system.