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Quality, traceability and sustainability are key solutions in the pet food industry.

Euroduna works every day very strict under these conditions.
We want the best of the best for our clients and partners.

Our strict quality system supports us to find the right way to manage operate our

Ingredient supplyers

Only ingredient suppliers whose facilities meet stringent raw material quality standards are approved by Euroduna Technologies GmbH.
Every location for every ingredient supplier is separately qualified to ensure consistency in ingredient quality.

We conduct permanent quality system audits for all manufacturing facilities to ensure we meet the high standards your pet food deserves.
We demand compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Euroduna high quality standards, so your ingredients are produced under clean and sanitary conditions.

For the different markets we have the following registration and Quality Systems in our daily work integrated.


is the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of
documented recorded identification.

The tracing you can follow in two different ways
Downstream tracing = traceability from producer to the end client
Upstream tracing = traceability from end client to the producer

Ecological policy - substaineble

Many of our products have their origin in remains from the food production. Some of these are no longer suitable for their regular application. Euroduna Technologies GmbH is specialized in finding appropriate marketing channels for such products, to prevent that they get wasted, but rather be processed to high-quality products. For this reason we contribute to sensible environmental politics and understand, that natural resources must not be destroyed.


GMP 007278

Certificate No

The certificate is availble in our download area

Organic Pet food products

Organic Registration No. (EU VO 834/2007)
D-SH-006-19270-CE DE-ÖKO-006

The certificate is availble in our download area

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Reg. No.

The certificate is availble in our download area

Marine Stewardship Council

Marine Stewardship Council Reg. No.

The certificate is availble in our download area

Material of Category II/III

Kat III /Category III (EUVO 1069/2009) Reg. No
DE 01056 002 36

The certificate is availble in our download area

Feedstuff Legislation

Reg. No. VO (EG) 183/2005
DE SH 100 112

The certificate is availble in our download area


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