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Animal frozen "Organic" products

Innards are by-products of the rendering of warm-blooded animals and fish.
These products will be used in wet pet food and the new trend is to use such products also in dry pet food. Innards and MDM (mechanical deboned meat) has the advantage that you could label it as meat or meat parts.
The most common species are innards of: Beef, Pork, Fish, Poultry and Game

All Products are produced in accordance with EU Reg. 834/2007. 100 % Organic quality.
Our Organic Registration Certificate can be found in the download area

Organic beef products


Products Description
Beef Liver Liver form Beef, frozen
Beef Heart Heart from Beef, frozen
Beef Kidney Kidney from Beef, frozen
Beef Lungs Beef Lung lobs only, frozen
Beef Spelens Spleens from Beef, frozen

Organic pork products

Product Description
Pork Liver Liver from Pork, frozen
Pork Heart Heart from Pork, frozen
Pork Kidney Kidney from Pork, frozen
Pork Lungs Lungs only Lobs from Pork, frozen
Pork Trachea Trachea from Pork, frozen

Organic poultry products


Product Description
Poultry Carcasses Carcasses from Poultry, frozen, 8 mm minced
Turkey Carcasses Carcasses from Turkey , frozen, 8 mm minced
Poultry MDM Meachincal seperated meat from Poultry, frozen
Turkey MDM Meachincal seperated meat from Turkey , frozen

Organic fish products


Product Description
Trout Carcasses Fish carcasses from Trout, frozen
Salmon Carcasses Fish carcasses from Salmon, frozen