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Animal Protein

The nature and use of slaughter by-products in pet foods, provoke a wide range of opinions. These opinions often revolve from the discussion which ingredients are suitable for humans and which for pets, concerns about disease transmission and health, the economics of food production and personal preference, among other factors.
Based on nutrient content and safety resulting from processes used to produce the byproducts and the animal foods in which they are used, pet food position is that byproducts can be safely used to provide nutrition for carnivore animals.

Essentially, a by- product is what is left over after the intended product has been made. In the case of animal feeds, including pet foods, it’s often the excess materials left over after processing human foods.
Many raw commodities, when processed, result in a primary product for human consumption and secondary products mostly (but not exclusively) for animal consumption. Using primary animal and plant products for humans and their related byproduct materials for animals is a common practice

Plasma powder

Product Protein Species
Plasma powder 70 % or 82 % Porcine, Beef or mixed
Haemoglobin powder 96 % Porcine, beef or mixed
Collagen powder 90 % Beef, Porcine
Globin powder 90 % Porcine
Liver Meal 65 % Porcine
Greaves Meal 70 % or 80 % Porcine, Beef or mixed
Meat & Bone Meal 45 %, 50 %, 55 %, 60 % Porcine, Beef or mixed
Poultry Meal 55 %, 60 %, 63 %, 65 % Poultry only
Duck Meal 63 % Duck only
Poultry Blood Meal 86 % Poultry only
Feather Meal 76 % Poultry only
Lamb Meal 55 % Lamb only
Ostrich Meal 50 % Ostrich only
Game Meal 50 % Mixed Game
Horse Meal 50 % Horse only
Rabbit Meal 45 - 50 % Rabbit only
Venison Meal 45 - 50 % Venison only
Egg Yolk powder 40 % Egg yolk, defattet
Whole Egg powder 45 % Egg

Haemoglobin powder

other products on request.