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Cans & Lids

Today's food packaging must do more than merely protect products and
enable efficient and effective distribution to customers and end users.
It must also fit in-store marketing strategies and provide greater
consumer convenience. Today's pet food can is a variable and efficient
packaging solution that leading food companies identify as a key tool in
driving brand awareness and sales, and other recent technological advancements
are pushing these trends even further.
Euroduna is proud to work with one of the leading can producers in Europe.
Together, we offer solutions that are ideal for a range of dedicated pet foods.
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Product Cans Tinplate Product Lids Tinplate
Cans for 80 g Lids for 80 g
Cans for 100 g Lids for 100 g
Cans for 200 g Lids for 200 g
Cans for 400 g Lids for 400 g
Cans for 800 g Lids for 800 g
Cans for 1000 g Lids for 1000 g