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Fish Products

It is known that fish is a healthy and nutritious food, good for the health for dogs, and cats . A palatable, fish-rich diet can help with coat condition, skin condition, joint mobility, digestion, energy and brain & eye development.
A high content of natural Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will help to optimize your recipe and formulation.

Our producers always use fresh, high-quality fish by-products and are therefore able to meet the many different requirements of the feed industry. Our processed fish by-products are primarily used as an ingredient in the pet food industry.

Fish products

Fish Meals

Products Protein
Fish Meal standard 65 %
Salmon Meal 60-65 %
Tuna Fisch Meal 60 - 65 %
other species on request  

Crustances products


Products Protein
Shrimp Meal 54 %
Krill Meal 69 %