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Vegetable "Organic" products

Vegetable products are lower in saturated fat and higher in dietary fiber than animal sources and additionally a goods source of protein.

Protein enrichment
Depending on availability and prices of the raw material used, a vegetable protein with a high protein content (> 50 %) can make it possible to reduce the use of expensive and less available animal proteins in both wet and dry pet food.

Euroduna "Organc certified"
All Products are produced in accordance with EU VO 834/2007. 100 % Organic quality
Our Organic Registration Certificate can be found in the download area

Organic Caromic  
Organic Carococ  
Organic Locust Bean Gum  
Organic Rice Protein  
Organic Pea Protein  
Organic Pea Starch  
Organic Rape Cake  
Organic Green Gras Pellets  
Organic Sweet Whey powder  
Organic Wheat Gluten  
other Products on request